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Call for Entries


July 1, 2016 to November 30, 2016

Mark your calendars for QuiltCon 2017 – Savannah, GA, February 23-26, 2017

Check back for all the information about entering QuiltCon East.

As a reference, these are the rules for the 2016 exhibit in Pasadena. These will be updated for 2017.

QuiltCon 2016 Show Rules

QuiltCon includes a juried quilt show featuring modern quilts by members of the Modern Quilt Guild. The quilts will be juried into the show and may be either shown for exhibit only, or entered into competition and judged. Quilts may also be entered and juried in for exhibit only. Please read the rules carefully before filling out the online entry form.

Show Categories

There are several categories for quilts. Entrants are welcome to enter as many quilts as they would like. Please consider what you think is the strongest aspect of your quilt if you believe it fits into more than one category.

Quilts will be placed in the following categories automatically based on entry (please preselect the correct category):

  • Group or Bee Quilts – Modern quilts made by 3 or more people.
  • Small quilts – A quilt that fits into the below categories and measures 36" or smaller per side. The quilt can be any shape as long as it does not exceed the size limit on any side.
  • Michael Miller Glitz Fabric Challenge – view information here. The challenge is open to individuals or groups.
  • EZ Quilting Triangle Quilt Challenge – view information here. The challenge is open to individuals or groups.
  • Youth – Entrants 18 years and younger at the time of entry.

Entrants can choose where their quilt will be placed in the following categories:

  • Applique – Quilt includes either machine or hand layering of fabric where the quilt’s primary focus is applique.
  • Handwork – Quilt includes at least one element of handwork including, but not limited to: hand piecing, hand quilting, embroidery, redwork, cross stitch, crewel, etc. Hand stitched binding does not qualify as handwork.
  • Improvisation – Quilt top includes the majority of piecing that was improvised i.e. without the use of a defined pattern or templates.
  • Minimalist Design –The design of the quilt emphasizes extreme simplification of content and form to achieve maximum visual impact.
  • Use of Negative Space – Quilt design incorporates a creative or significant use of negative space which is integrated into and/or organizes the composition of the quilt.
  • Piecing – Quilts that are machine pieced and reflect a particularly strong or innovative use of piecing.
  • Modern Traditionalism – Quilt design incorporates the use of an identifiable traditional block pattern and redesigns it by applying modern design elements such as alternate grid work, asymmetry, color, scale, etc.

Please note: QuiltCon retains the right to change the category your quilt was submitted to if it thinks the quilt will be more successful in a different category.

Prizes and Awards

Winning quilts in the show will receive awards and prizes from our generous sponsors. Ribbons and cash prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category.
For a complete list of over $10,000 prizes and awards, please click here
There will be an awards ceremony on Thursday, February 18 at QuiltCon. If you are not present to collect your prize or award, U.S, based winners will have their award mailed by March 12, 2016. Winners based outside the U.S. will be sent specific email instructions on or around February 18 about how to get their awards.

General Rules

  • You must be a member of the Modern Quilt Guild to enter a quilt.
  • Entry is open to all members from any country.
  • All quilts entered in the QuiltCon Show must meet the following requirements:
    • Have three layers (backing, batting, and top) joined together with stitching or tying.
    • Have a finished binding on the edge of the quilt.
    • Has been made in the last four years at the time of entry.
    • Have not previously been shown at any previous QuiltCons.
    • The perimeter must not be larger than 480".
    • The Small Quilts category is for quilts that do not exceed 36” on each side.
    • All of the people who worked on the quilt, paid or not, must be credited (excluding basting assistance).
  • Quilter numbers are limited to:
    • Two or fewer quilters for Applique, Handwork, Improvisation, Minimalist Design, Small Quilts, Use of Negative Space, Piecing, Modern Traditionalism and Youth categories.
    • Three or more quilters for Group or Bee Quilt category.
    • Any number of quilters for the Quilting Challenge and Fabric Challenge categories.
  • All accepted quilts (unless the quilter has selected that they be for exhibit only) will be eligible to win the following categories: Best-In-Show, People’s Choice, Freespirit Quilting Excellence Award and both Best Machine Quilting awards.
  • QuiltCon reserves the right to divide or combine categories, move entries to more appropriate categories, and not to award all ribbons.
  • QuiltCon reserves the right to reject any quilts that are in poor condition when received and seen in person. Examples include, but are not limited to, torn fabric, stained fabric, poor craftsmanship or an unfinished quilt. Any quilt that is rejected by QuiltCon will be returned to the entrant and will not be displayed in the exhibit, entered into the QuiltCon Show, judged or eligible for ribbons or cash prizes
  • Members of the Modern Quilt Guild Board of Directors and employees and/or contractors of the MQG are eligible to enter for exhibit only and are not eligible to win any award or prize.
  • Employees of sponsors are not eligible to win an award or prize sponsored by their employer. They are eligible to enter a category sponsored by their employee for exhibit only.
  • QuiltCon reserves the right to accept or deny any quilt for display in the QuiltCon Show.
  • QuiltCon reserves the right to reject any quilt misrepresented in the photos during the entry process.
  • QuiltCon reserves the right to reject or disqualify any quilt that misrepresented design credit. If this misrepresentation is discovered after the show and the quilt was awarded, the winner forfeits all ribbons and cash prizes.
  • There are no refunds on entry fees once a quilt has been submitted.
  • The decisions of the show organizers, jury and judges are final.
  • QuiltCon does not discriminate against entrants based on race, sex, age, handicap, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or marital status.
  • All federal, state, and local taxes are the sole responsibility of the winners.


During the online entry, you will be asked to upload two pictures of your quilt: one overall shot and one detail shot. Please resize your images to 1800 pixels on the longest side.

We only accept jpeg files. Please be sure the entire quilt, including binding, is visible in your overall shot. Do not drape your quilt, please shoot it hanging to achieve a straight-on angle. It took you time to make the quilt, so please take time on your photography. Good photographs make a big difference during the jurying process. For tips on photographing your quilt, click here.

Release Statement

During the online entry process, you will be asked to agree to these conditions:

  • I have read and understand the entry rules and understand the decision by the jury and judges is final.
  • I understand that for any quilt I enter, I must be properly credit the design inspiration on the entry form.
  • QuiltCon reserves the right to disqualify any quilt that is misrepresented and winners will forfeit any ribbons and/or prizes.
  • I understand that QuiltCon and The Modern Quilt Guild will take every precaution to safeguard the quilts during this show, but that neither QuiltCon nor The Modern Quilt Guild will be held liable for damage or loss beyond the insurance limitations specified in the rules.
  • By entering the QuiltCon Show, the entrant agrees to release and hold harmless QuiltCon, and its respective directors, officers, employees, representatives, and agents, and prize sponsors from any and all liability for any injuries, loss, or damage of any kind to person or property, including death, and property, arising in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from acceptance, possession, use, or misuse of a prize, participation in any QuiltCon show-related activity, or participation in the QuiltCon Show. Entrant will not hold QuiltCon, The Modern Quilt Guild, or the Pasadena Convention Center liable for damages or loss of a quilt beyond the insurance limitations described in this document.
  • By entering the QuiltCon Show, the entrant agrees to grant QuiltCon, The Modern Quilt Guild and, if awarded a prize, the sponsor company of the category I am entering, copyright permission for the image of the quilt and/or all or part of the information about the quilt to be used in archives, articles, ads, promotions, catalogues, books, magazines, web sites (including any Webcast coverage), blogs, CDs, current event news coverage, television productions, and/or multimedia productions for and about QuiltCon, The Modern Quilt Guild and/or modern quilting to benefit QuiltCon or The Modern Quilt Guild. The Entrant understands that he/she will retain the copyright to the quilt, will be credited in any usage, but will not be compensated for the above uses.
  • Winners also agree to grant to QuiltCon, The Modern Quilt Guild, the sponsor company of the prize category and its licensees, affiliates, and assigns, the right to print, publish, broadcast, and use, worldwide in any media now known or hereafter developed, including but not limited to the World Wide Web, at any time or times, the winner’s name, portrait, picture, voice, likeness, and biographical information as news or information and for advertising and promotional purposes without additional consideration.


The entry fee for the QuiltCon Quilt Show is $30 per entry for up to 3 quilts. You may enter as many quilts as you would like. We accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal at the time of entry. QuiltCon does not accept checks. The entry fee is nonrefundable
Click here to pay your fee either before or after you submit your quilts.


QuiltCon will insure quilts up to $500. We recommend that if your quilt is valued at over $500, you have an appraisal and the proper insurance coverage to cover your quilt while it is being transported to QuiltCon and while it is on display. If your quilt is appraised over $500, it is the owner’s responsibility to insure the quilt.
QuiltCon is not responsible for the quilt during shipping.

Selling Your Quilt

You have the option to offer your quilt for sale at QuiltCon. If you do and it sells at QuiltCon, you cannot retroactively decide not to sell it. You also agree that 15% of the sales price will be donated to The Modern Quilt Guild.

Important Dates

Announcement and preview January 2015
Registration open July 1, 2015-November 30, 2015
Notification by December 30, 2015
Selected quilts arrive January 1-18, 2016
Quilts shipped out for return by March 8, 2016

Quilt Shipping

  • All quilts accepted into the Quilt Show must be mailed to QuiltCon at the expense of the participant. All domestic quilts will be mailed back to the maker via UPS ground. Information regarding international shipments will be sent to quilters after acceptance.
  • Details about shipping (including dates) will be provided in the acceptance packet.
  • If your quilt is selected to be exhibited at QuiltCon, we will provide you with a packet containing more detailed information on labels, sleeves, insurance and shipping.


To see a demo of how to fill out the forms, watch this video:


Registration will open at 12:01 CST on July 1, 2016.

For Help with Resizing Photos or Filling Out Forms, click here.

For More Information

If you have any questions, please contact Heather Grant at heather@themodernquiltguild.com. If you have technical questions about the on-line system, please contact Lisa Ellis at lisa@ellisquilts.com.